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Cheryl Edison, CEO
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We love welcoming visitors from around the world to The Gate/ The Factory 510. Often they tour Facebook, Google and then The Gate / The Factory 510. When these C-level executives, Government agency representatives, and Educators arrive to us, they ask sooo many questions - we love to engage with them!

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Television show, Rise & Shine, live morning show hosted everyday 6:00am to 7:30am Channel Eye/NTV for Sri Lanka. @RiseandShineLive . In this program, visiting serial entrepreneur and Makerspace Authority, Cheryl Edison, is interviewed on the mindset for makerspace launch &

Cheryl Edison is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur and global business development expert with a track record of successfully launching companies, products and services into new markets across 57 industries. In 2019 she provided 167 keynotes and workshops in 16 countries.

A US citizen fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, she based in Barcelona in her twenties, launching operations across Europe before returning to the US to base in New York City. There she discovered her passion for identifying emerging global trends and a knack for establishing new categories. Moving on to live in Silicon Valley, Edison was hired by industry leaders and start-ups to provide pioneering strategies and practical tactics, producing milestone results for Volvo, Carrefour, Telcel, Revlon, Firefly Mobile, Warner Brothers, the Webby Awards and many more.

In 2012, Edison turned her attention to placemaking. She conceived and launched The Gate 510 for developer/merchant bankers ScanlonKemperBard, transforming a 24-acre automobile factory on the brink of foreclosure, into the nation’s premier Makerspace by intentionally connecting the art, tech and maker communities. National and International press reported on the outcome as expanding the borders of Silicon Valley and attracting new investors.

Moving deeper into real estate development and the opportunity to create social and economic good, Edison went on to provide strategic & tactical plans for 11 properties, testing new theories and ROI driven projects. She launched The Factory 510 coworking company in 2016, to welcome a wider range of projects & events to the property and welcome those eager to gain access to experience emerging innovation. Special projects evolved to long term tenants and in 2017 SKB proclaimed the project a success.

Today Edison advises Global 500 on innovation creation, supports startups with introductions for business development/fundraising, and leads presentations and workshops in public/private partnership with organizations as diverse as The US State Department, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and The United Nations in her continued pursuit to contribute to local economies by linking creativity, community and commerce.


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SKB: Scanlon-Kemper-Bard, Cushman-Wakefield, Unico

Cushman & Wakefield - Formerly DTZ

Worked closely with SKB building management and ownership on 11 properties to date. See Case studies for more details.

Landmark property: Westgate Mall turnaround became TheGate510 with the Factory510 coworking company. Challenges included overcoming deeply entrenched belief systems brought on by decades of failed capital investments and conservative marketing programs that drove potential tenants and buyers away from the San Leandro, California building and the region.

WESTGATE/GATE 510 Key Achievements :
  • Delivered plan that included historical, high risk positioning to enable a shock wave of new value and the ability to curate new tenancy with 12 of the region’s highest value companies and organizations, recognized leaders for large scale art, technology start-ups and maker community.
  • Built nascent tenant ecosystem and produced high visibility launch event on a $5,000 budget, garnering 72 million hits across the nation within the first 24 hours of launch
  • Exceeded quota of 1 new tenant a month, with building management & CBRE teamwork inking 13 new tenants within 5 weeks of launch.
  • At 9 months, earned Mayor, City Council, Obama administration accolades for hands-on, real world economic turnaround with invitations from surrounding cities and international organizations requesting coaching and consulting.
  • At 10 months welcomed 15 investor groups to tour, when prior years there had been no one.
  • At 11 months earned accolades as top incubator/accelerator in the East Bay of Silicon Valley, when prior perception of the location had been outside of Silicon Valley
  • At 11 months and 1 week, SKB closed new funding for property

Executive Producer for Volvo (2007-2008)

Contracted to produce film and still shoots for new SUV launch. Managed teams through all phases of 6-month project, establishing timelines and budgets across different time zones and cultures. Challenges included managing complex relationships among manufacturer, production house vendors, and U.S. in-house teams, addressing project delays and potential budget Overruns, and deescalating tensions.

Key Achievements :
  • Delivered highly creative, top-quality film, footage, and still shots to facilitate early launch of vehicle (18 months ahead of public release). Achieved all time and budget goals through the full lifecycle.
  • Improved level of collaboration within competitive teams and across global borders, served as a mediator

Senior Consultant for Warner Brothers WB-20 (1995-2006)

In charge of art directing and coordinating production of television spots, corporate videos, and televised events, continually updating the image of Warner Brothers' talent, news anchors, and newscasters. Translated marketing goals into visual representations for broad range of products and services. Managed successfully through 3 ownership changes and the resulting changes in direction.

Key Achievements :
  • Produced high-impact television ads that raised the bar for production values, attracted new clients, and increased sales approximately 23% for the station and client while continually staying within budget.
  • Managed several major re-branding initiatives following acquisitions, continuing to work successfully with various owners over a 10-year period.

Strategic Sales & Marketing for Carrefour (CIMItaly) (2006)

Brought on board to define new category and launch mobile operator programs for the world's largest retailer through 3-channel network in Italy. Conducted research/analysis of operations, branding, and executive goals, delivered comprehensive branding and creative plans, and provided strategic branding, positioning, and timeline options.

Key Achievements :
  • Successfully delivered all 12-week objectives by the end of the first month, earning prestigious internal recognition from Carrefours executive team.
  • Convinced CEO to launch across multiple channels with multiple branding identities. Received commendations from executives for triple delivery and ROI on their investment in services. Delivered branding and sales-driven creative plan for each channel's in-store launch.
  • Developed sales generation and promotional program plans for 3 million data-based relationships, including employees and Customers.

Director, International Marketing for Firefly Mobile (2004-2006)

Led Go-To-Market strategy for children's mobile phone in Latin America and Europe, interacting directly with major distributors, key sales personnel, and corporate/local marketing resources. Built, trained, and managed teams across 15 Spanish-speaking countries (on-site and remote). Created strategic plans that included market research, localization, events, press relations, and POS/in-store materials.

Key Achievements :
  • Launched product successfully in 15 countries within 7-month period. Achieved high press visibility securing 98 million hits in 15 countries. Earned "Best of 2006" recognition from international press for launch event.
  • Improved major retailer sales 62% across all product lines by training in-house sales teams.
  • Created specialized launch system that facilitated record level of global brand compliance by bringing on board distributors who had previously refused to comply.

VIP Developer & International Media Relations Manager, Webby Awards (2000)

Key Achievements :
  • Recognized as a key catalyst in building the reputation of the Webby Awards as the "Oscars of the Internet," with founder Tiffany Schlain gaining international recognition and national celebrity status.
  • Convinced 100 brand name individuals to participate free of charge, including Robin Williams, Larry Ellison, Julia Child, Meg Whitman, and Sir Richard Branson and managed complex worldwide relations for 135 judges and A-list stage talent, negotiated acquisition of services at Corporate and local levels.