"El Salvador must create opportunities to undertake"

Edison presented the paper "El Salvador: Development Ecosystem for Start-up: What do you need to move forward?".

And in her speech the expert talks about having an entrepreneurial mentality, a culture of innovation, start-up spaces and, of course, financing.

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By Jessica Guzmán,

Empathise, Engage, And Play: Cheryl Edison On Building A Startup Ecosystem

On the July 12, Cheryl Edison gave the keynote address at Disrupt Asia 2017, a startup conference in Sri Lanka. Edison came to Sri Lanka as part of the US Embassy’s Speakers programme—a programme that connects US experts with audiences around the world through workshops, lectures, and seminars.  (Show more...)

By Andre Howson, Roar Tech

American Innovation Expert Collaborates with Sri Lankan IT Entrepreneurs

The Embassy of the United States of America recently supported American innovation expert, Cheryl Edison to work with Sri Lanka’s leading IT entrepreneurs, engineering students, and Information and Communications Technology Agency (ICTA) representatives, as a part of its efforts to advance US-Sri Lankan economic ties and prosperity. (Show more...)

By Sunday Observer, Sunday Observer

Disrupt Asia 2017 Part Two: #LETMEGETPAID

“We are at an important crossroads. We are here to decide what happens to Sri Lanka”, were the opening words of Cheryl Edison at Disrupt Asia 2017. Cheryl described herself as an enthusiastic go-to-market strategist and was the morning keynote speaker at the conference. She argued that rather than always saying, “No,” we should now be ready to say, “Yes!” She went onto explain that in this world, there are only two options: to welcome or to resist. (Show more...)

By Mahesh de Andrado, Lahiru Perera, README

Disrupt Asia 2017 Concludes on High note helping Sri Lanka establish new Startup Ecosystem paradigms

Keynote Speakers – Setting the tone for the conference, the morning keynote speaker Cheryl Edison, Serial Entrepreneur and Global Business Expert, observed, “We are standing on the edge of one of most the important times in the history of Sri Lanka. We need to work together to make Sri Lanka the superpower startup ecosystem that it intends to be.” (Show more...)

By Business News, Business News

The Factory 510 Breaks New Ground for Entrepreneurs at The Gate 510

SAN LEANDRO, CA--(Marketwired - February 18, 2016) - A new approach to "co-working" promises to change the world for new businesses, artists and entrepreneurs. A large new facility has been launched within the converted auto factory that is The Gate 510, the Bay Area's premier art/tech/maker space. (Show more...)

By Marketwired, Yahoo finance

Oakland fire puts spotlight on lack of affordable spaces for artists

“There’s a barrier to moving the properties from one use to another. There’s not a fluidity between zoning and permitting. So it’s years and years and hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to spend,” said Cheryl Edison, a strategist working with The Gate 510, a large mixed-use space in San Leandro.

The Gate 510 began life as a Dodge Plymouth plant in the 1940s, became a mall in the 1970s and then shuttered.... (Show more...)

By Elizabeth Weise, USA Today

Artists lose workplaces in aftermath of Oakland warehouse fire

As Steve Heck slowly dismantled his work space at the Factory 510, he lamented all of the things he could have created in the sprawling San Leandro warehouse.

Heck, a 56-year-old man who doesn’t like to throw out things, envisioned a massive sculpture made of 60 broken pianos. A lazy Susan-style stage rotating... (Show more...)

By Trisha Thadani, sfchronicle