Entrepreneurial Ecosystem & Program Design


Startup Acceleration: Coaching, Keynotes & Workshops                                                          

Go-To-Market Strategy, Introductions & Partnerships

Accelerating creativity within corporate and start-up ecosystems requires a methodology attuned to what wants to happen next.  By customizing the atmosphere for innovation, products and services evolve.  These new offerings offer the opportunity to deliver both value to the company and truly compelling stories that allow buyers to latch on and endure future changes in our sustainable world.  In this way we build brands and open sales channels that go beyond R&D.  Our partnerships focus on new category development and launches.  Connecting people in key partnerships and exponential value for products, not just a commodified prices is core to our deliverables. Our track record is across 47 industries including real estate, consumer goods and emerging technology.


We deliver go-to-market strategies with big vision. We position products as leaders, and offer tactics that turnaround underperforming assets through hands-on actions and master plans that capture emerging markets. We anticipate trends and sell into what’s coming next. New categories of product and service development are a specialty, especially those that require gathering communities.

You can count on Cheryl Edison for quick, accurate assessments that are right on target, and creative ideas that inspire a feeling of "Wow! Let's do it!"

  • She's often called the Spirit of the project; working with soul and dedication for ground-up projects to succeed
  • Steers projects out of stuck and towards becoming market leaders
  • Re-directs launches that have lost their way and getting them on track with traction for broadest audience
  • She works from heartfelt personal values, with a focus on the long-term, sustainable good.
  • Sees emerging trends, and loves to contribute to the changes that will benefit companies and communities.
  • Has a knack for linking creativity, community and commerce, and is committed to increasing contribution as a servant leader.

We seek to be inspired by your personal values, vision and goals, and want to contribute to your success.  Here's how:

  • We aim to see the potential for an exponentially positive outcome in our working together because our skills, experience and drive are complementary.
  • We are heading in the same direction, share an enjoyable way of working, and our timelines match up.
  • The path to add to your abilities to achieve your goals may not appear to be easy, and there may already be some barriers to success, but we LIVE FOR A GOOD CHALLENGE!

Services - Detail

  • Identify Emerging Trends

    I offer insight into emerging trends within the local ecosystem and globally.  I will match the trends with strategies and tactics so you gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

  • Inspire Through Creativity

    I provide creative ideas for property development, including stories and construction concepts that inspire buy-in.

  • Boots on the Ground

    I’m a do-er. I curate and link people to work on projects that they are excited about. I dig in, and show my enthusiasm. I make things happen. I honor and respect my teams; their commitment to our shared vision is powerful, and adds value to the project.

  • Story Construction

    Guide the construction of a creative story to leverage your resources and optimize the outcomes within the budget. This is achieved through strategic master plan guidance, and tactical elements including the curation of key tenants and events.

  • Creating Value, Appeal and Engagement

    Identify individual elements as detailed as color choice, design of furniture, fittings, placement, and activity flow to engage your target clients and audiences. I know how to curate, build and make art to create an emotional connection with the place. There’s a “Wow!” factor in the places I direct that delights the clients and contributes more that you would expect from the cost.

  • Secure Traction and News 

    I identify the broadest target audience for the highest value creation. I know how to make authentic news, which in turn increases market traction and lines up the deal pipeline for key partnerships.

  • Build Brand & Community Engagement

    By leading your brand creation, messaging and positioning, you get a consistent, creative approach to your project that gets results. Instilling a culture of belonging and inclusive productivity will increase a sense of pride, and develop paths for volunteer engagement. It also creates enthusiasm, and adds to the desirability of that place or property.

  • Lead Creative Teams

    I lead creative teams in the production of promotional materials and events, and train and lead your development, marketing and sales teams, creating enthusiasm, strategic engagement and maximum results. 

  • Magnify Entrepreneurial Endeavors and Maker Culture

    Open entrepreneurial paths to innovation and commercial success. I offer hands-on coaching, and business development matchmaking.

  • Alert What’s Next and Offer Leverage

    Everything that’s alive is always changing. I am continually researching the newest trends, the changing demographics and what needs to happen next so that the properties, places and people that I work with are forewarned and can adapt a little or a lot, if they choose to. This allows you to identify and leverage opportunity, by taking the lead just ahead of the curve.