Pitch deck fundamentals

Pitch deck fundamentals

Here you go, the standard pitch deck used around the world.

Each bubble refers to a slide that answers the question shown.
This exact version, or a very similar version, is requested at venture capital firms, incubator/accelerators, and corporate ventures who are on a mission to fund companies.

Companies seeking funding produce a standard, distribution-ready pitch deck. This is followed by versions tailored to the perspective of each individual, potential funder. Each time the deck is presented something is learned by listening to potential funders. It is common to change the deck daily, or multiple times daily when in the middle of a funding round.

The deck, in pdf form, is sent by email as a kind of calling card to earn the attention of a potential funder. The goal is to earn the right to book a live meeting to present your concept as shown in the story arc of your deck. Pitch meetings are done in person or through Zoom.

How long does a meeting last?
15 minutes for you to present.
and, if you’ve generated enough interest:
15 minutes for questions.

In future entries and workshops we’ll go through the Funding dance.
These are the back-n-forth steps taken on the way to receiving money to grow your business.

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